Why Curry Classes?

Would you like to surprise someone special with a home cooked Indian meal? Would you like to gift someone a pre paid cooking class for Indian Food??

Let’s make it happen……

More reasons being— cook a healthy meal with fresh ingredients, get your kids to eat veg and rice and have a wider choice to the everyday question we face…and what do we cook tonight !

Have you ever put a thought to how it must be to cook an Indian meal and dismissed the thought of cooking one saying it must be too difficult! How often do you buy a ready jar of Indian sauces and thought if only it tasted as good as it looked thru the jar? If that’s how you’ve felt then you surely could cook a great Indian meal yourself with a little help and guidance from me.

The class will make you realise how simple it can be. I use easily available spices and will teach you the technique with which you could get cooking. Each spice used at the right time enhances its flavours. I can assure you that in one session you will realise how simple it is and how you don’t need to measure your spices as it goes cook ‘andaaz se’ as I say you will just know it.

Classes can be one off basis or courses which can be tailored out for you. At Curry Classes we offer all that and much more, find out about the experience at Curry Classes

Call or email me on [email protected]


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